Treasure Hunt 101

 TH 014

Due to my last minute colleague request, I found myself thrust into the realm of treasure hunting (you know who you are, thanks for forcing me to go). And found it to be most addictive. For those who never been on one, there are 2 things that you must know when going for one of this mind boggling quest: Tulips and Anagrams.

I’m not sure how the whole “Tulip” thing is derived. Who’s the joker who came up with that name for it has nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with the flower. Apparently “Tulips” are just another term for maps. Instead of using maps, these are more like symbols with landmarks that points out the way and the distance to your next land mark.

Our team consists of only 3 people. The driver, the navigator and the headache at the back. A typical conversation during a treasure hunt:

Driver: Where to now ol’ chap? We are moving further and further away from civilization, see no Smart Tag booth!! *Gasp*

Navigator: Heavens no! I do hope they have tea. I really need my evening tea sessions! …A little bit more in front, turn right.. Ah now TRIP! TRIP! TRIIIPPP!!!!

Headache: I say, you are right about that. We must be in some…. Oh look! That could be IT!!! On that shop over THERE!!!… Or there… or could be that one….. (and so on and so forth)

Obviously it’s not as easy as it looks, thanks to the questions being in riddles and ANAGRAMS!!

Anagrams, are impossible. Somehow you’re suppose to find some indication in the question that “supposedly” are clues for anagrams. Random words that you’re suppose to scramble while forever hoping that the answer will pop in front of your by then tear filled, red, squinted eyes. Who the heck are the nutcases who created these things anyway??? The task is short of a feat unless you’re a seasoned Terrorist (refer to the Reigning Treasure Hunting Champion of MISC).

Anyway, it was loads of fun. And after all is said and done, our team the “Illuminati” (yeah right! The not so illuminated more like it) ended up being in the top 20, 19th ranking to be exact. We were damn well pleased with ourselves, since for the most of us it was our first time. Good show everyone!


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