Angels & Demons (The Movie)

All I can say is.. what the hell was that???

I finally found some time to watch the movie yesterday and all I can say at the moment is… what the hell???

I guess you can’t expect much from movies that is based on a novel. They have to cut it short. But still???

1) The movie exclude CERN’s involvement at all. There was no Director of Cern in a wheelchair anywhere in the movie.

2) The book started with Leonardo’s Vetra’s nude dead body, with his head twisted all the way to the back, an a missing eyeball. Nope, not in the movie.

3) The villain is not as sadistic as in the book. He did not kidnap Vittoria Vetra or even had any close contact with her at all.

4) 1 pope survived??? None of the Preferetti survived in the book. They all died! Someone obviously had to please the church to get this movie out.

5) The movie did not in any way reveal the working mind of Carlo Ventresca. Which kind of make his suicide at the end a bit extreme. Which is too bad because the reason for his actions was quite moving. As it is, it left his suicide unjustified and made him look a bit on the loony side.

But at least… I get to revisit The Ecstasy of St Teresa ***GRINS***. Although the statue in the movie was a tad bit different from the picture I wiki-ed…


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