Genus Ketupats Del Eids

It is that time of the year again. The day where all Muslims around the world celebrate after a month of fasting. Eid Fitri or Aidilfitri as how it is spelled here in Malaysia. Different countries may have their own special way of celebrating but let me tell you what I tend to look most forward to during Eid in Malaysia.

KETUPATS!!! You might think now what is the big deal. It’s just rice cooked in woven coconut leaves. But for me personally, there is nothing that gives me the most satisfaction on Eid then ketupat eaten with kuah lodeh, sambal goreng and rendang.
Therefore I will list down a few types of ketupats that I know in existence. Hence the Genus Ketupats list:

Ketupat Sintok
The most standard of all ketupats. Shaped of a rectangular cube. How the name came about is a bit of a mystery but that is the name my grandfather called it. And since my grandfather hailed from Johor, I suspect the name sintok itself is only familiar to the Johoreans or maybe even only to the native in the area of Batu Pahat!

Ketupat Sate
 Most common of the types. Can be found all year round usually complemented when you order a plate  of satay. Similar to sintok, the only difference is that satay I can only describe as flatter.

Ketupat Burung
A square with two of it’s opposite sides pointing downwards resembling a birds wings.

Ketupat Bawang
Shaped like an onion, heavy at the bottom. So far the only one I’ve managed to succesfully weave once in a blue moon. As shown in picture.

Ketupat Bawang
These are the ones I know in existance. If any of you out there have come across a new species of ketupat please do inform as I would like to know the different ketupat shapes possible that can be weaved from a coconut leaf.
Plus I think they deserve to be recorded just in case the ketupat species will die out due to lack of expertise in todays modern generation. It would be such a sad notion if nobody will know the craft and make of a ketupat in the next upcoming decades.


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