Manics & Pedics

I was feeling slightly frustrated on account of work. Just the occasional downturn of mood and with no avenues to vent it out I decided to treat my hands and feet to some pampering.

So I headed off to Bangsar, to my favorite girly maintenance place (Sheela’s Beauty House) and opted for their manicure and pedicure treatment. In truth, this was my first time. I go to this particular shop every month but I’ve never done my nails at all. I’m totally a manicure/ pedicure virgin for no other reason than that I usually prefer to do my own nails. But I thought, why not? Get myself a French manicure while I’m at it since you can’t do a French by yourself. Well, you can but it’s a bit more complicated and you need much more experienced hands.

It was lovely! I chose a light color for my hands to go with the French and a darker shade for my toes. Then they buffed and they puffed and even gave me a hands and feet massage as well! It was so relaxing. Nothing like personal pampering to boost your mood.

So check it out!!!

A French manicure. And no unfortunately the purse is not mine.

Me toes!

Does this count as retail therapy as well???

P/S: This is also my first blog from my iPhone! Ain’t that great? I’m gonna try to blog more frequently after this.


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