The Kuala Lumpur Ben 10 Conference

That’s what it felt like. A Ben 10 conference at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. If you have a son aged anywhere within the range from 4 to 15, then there is

1) a very high probability that you will be at this “conference”.

2) your son is wearing a white shirt with a single black stripe down the middle.

3) he has an omnitrix. (If you do not know what is an omnitrix than you don’t have a son within the aforementioned age range. In which case I’d recommend you to either google it or watch Cartoon Network)

Actually, it’s not really a conference at all. It’s a theaterical acrobatic performance filled with gigantic aliens. Needless to say, the crowd (which were mostly made up of little Ben Tennysons) went wild!! Everytime Ben slammed his palm on his omni, and an alien comes out from an ominous cloud of smoke and start flying around kicking the baddies tushies, it was greeted with loud cheers and applause (understatement-a few actually were jumping up and down on their seats) To see them getting excited for their favorite super hero come alive…it really made it all worthwhile.

Some of the scenes:

Ben n his gang

Big gigantic alien creatures!

What would be great though if they had arranged a photo session with the characters after each show. Unfortunately, this was sadly, amiss. That would’ve been the cherry on top of the ice cream.


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