The Orchids…

I’ve decided, apart from roses, I’ve come to acquire a liking for these orchids. In general, I don’t really like flowers. They wilt and die and leave a mess. Except for roses, for their undeniably exquisite beauty and fragrance. I mean, you’d have to be blind to not like roses- it’s a perfect flower!

But I’ve discovered that orchids, don’t wilt and die easily. The flowers when they bloom lasts for quite sometime (I haven’t measured exactly how long because my orchids are sill blooming). Not only that, they come in so many varieties that makes you feel like you’ve just got to collect them all! *dangerous…*

But basically there are 2 types of orchids: terrestrial and epiphytes, meaning one growing on land, the other on trees. At the moment, I have only 3. Check it out!

The purples...

The Yellow orchids

And my favorite, which I call the North Star 🙂

It looks like a bright star!

But who could resist the Little Rose Bush… so I got that one as well.

Little rose bush


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