Tokyo Trip – Arriving at Shibuya

Finally I did it! I went to Tokyo! Out of all the cities in the world, Tokyo has always been the number 1 on my must visit list.

Maybe its the language, the people, their super efficient culture. Or it could very well may be their amazing public transport system. Their trains and metro that makes walking possible to virtually- EVERYWHERE! I had to see it for myself. And plus I enjoy walking. Not really an option in KL. Over here we drive most of the time to most destinations. We have public transport. But its just nowhere near as efficient as Japan :/

Check out this map. I had to spend some time to study it. And this is not including the Shinkansen trains.

Enough to make me want to live there. It’s a good thing now there is an English option at the ticketing machine. So you can pretty much figure things out. Imagine that. Everyday all you need to do is step out of the house and hop on a train. No worries about petrol, toll booths or traffic jams. So practical.

We stayed at Shibuya, a mere 5 min walking distance from the Shibuya train station where conveniently the Hachiko statue was located. The noble dog has been dead for years but just seeing the statue and thinking about its story for some reason made me all teary eyed :p
(Just google if you don’t know the Hachiko story. They even made a movie out of it.)


Shibuya Crossing


Hachiko statue

There are many things to do in Shibuya. Shopping, dining. But I’m not much of a shopaholic so I’ll skip that part. I’m a total tourist. We did drop by the new Shibuya Hikarie mall for dinner though.

We went to a few places around Tokyo so I guess I have to write this in parts. So… To be continued 🙂

End Part 1.


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