Tokyo Trip Pt2 – Asakusa and Skytree

We stayed for 5 days. So my goal was to make sure our itinary was packed but do-able.

For the 1st day, we took a train from Shibuya station on the Ginza line to Asakusa. Trip lasted for about 20min. Of course, we do what all tourist do… We head towards the great Sensoji temple. It was my first time in Japan but Sensoji temple is practically next to the Asakusa station. It would be kinda hard to get lost and the locals are very helpful as well. They will point out the right way if you ask so don’t be shy πŸ™‚


Main gate of Sensoji Temple


Take 5


The main temple -Sensoji

The temple was crowded as expected on a weekend. But food and drinks are readily available along the walk to the temple from the entrance.


One of the stalls at the temple. This guy is a candymaker

The temple is actually in the middle of a big compound so there are many other things that you can catch around the temple πŸ™‚ A few things that we were lucky enough to catch:


A small Kabuki performance


A performing monkey


A little park behind the temple

After Sensoji, we headed to the Tokyo Skytree which is just one station away from Asakusa. The skytree is basically a very high tower. It is a relatively new tourist destination in Tokyo and so the crowd was tremendous :O

We arrived around 3pm where we were told that we had to take a “waiting ticket”. It is basically a ticket for the queue to buy the real ticket! Our waiting ticket was for 7.30pm! XP What the ticket basically means is that we have till 7.30pm before you can queue for the real tickets. That’s about 4 hrs to kil!!! And no that does not mean the line will be shorter after you get to your appointed time. You would still have to queue for about an hour or so. I have never done so much queueing in my life! But all things said and done, the view was absolutely worth it!


Skytree (Day)


Skytree (Night)


View from the skytree

Good thing about this place is, its connected to a mall. So while you wait, you will have a lot of chance to do a little bit of souvenir shopping or find something to eat πŸ™‚

In general, this is how I like to plan my trips. All DIY, walk around or hitch a taxi (not recommended in Japan though). I LOVE exploring new places and not a really big fan of tour groups.

Anyway, end of Part 2. To be continued…


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