Tokyo Trip Pt3 – Harajuku and Akihabara

Day 3, we decided to see Harajuku and visit the Meiji Shrine and Takeshita St. Since we’re staying in Shibuya, Harajuku station is only one stop away.

The Meiji shrine is located in the middle of the park and surrounded by lush green trees. You have to walk a little to get to the shrine itself but the view and the park was all very lovely in the morning. Perfect for a morning walk 🙂


Entrance of Meiji Shrine


600 barrels of beers on the wall, 600 barrels of beer...


Kimono clad ladies

And we haven’t even reached the shrine yet.. Once there, we did a bit of the cleansing ritual and wrote our wishes on a piece of paper for luck. Coincidentally, there was also a wedding ceremony of a Japanese couple while we were at the shrine. No we don’t actually know them but the public are able to watch the procession.


The cleansing ritual




A Japanese traditional wedding

The bride and groom are the ones under the red umbrella. I must admit, I was surprised to see their ceremonial wedding costume. Its really different with the bride wearing a white hood and all.

Next we crossed over to Harajuku where we had lunch with a few of my old friends at a restaurant. After that we went around the streets before we headed of to Akihabara.





Streets at Harajuku

Akihabara was actually a last minute addition to the trip. I managed to squeeze it in on the same day. You would need to go through to a few stations to Akihabara from Harajuku but it was worth it.

Akihabara the Electric town…


Some anime character that I do not recognize


One of the many girls from the maid cafe


Gundam cafe next to AKB48

But at night, Akihabara is just wondrous. Neon lights everywhere…




And that’s the end of day 3. To be continued…


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