Poem: The Dance

So once in a really rare moment, I would feel like writing  a poem. It doesn’t happen often but I thought I better keep it somewhere so I can track it down. Here is one I wrote last month. If you are reading, would love to hear some comments!



I dance and I twirl,

My skirts swirl,

Spinning round and round the room,


My heels ever to the beat,

One step, two step,

Sideways, the next step,


Until I collided,

With something unexpected,

A pair of black shining shoes,


I left and I right,

He right and he left,

All my moves predicted,


I took two step backwards,

But he too stepped forward,

And took me by my hand,


We took one step, two step,

We went sideways and the next step,

And we found our rhythm,


So now we both whirl,

My skirts all aswirl,

As we both spin round and round and round the room…


Written on the 19th of October 2015


About MewsOfTheMuse

To record the musings that I might come across. Hobbies, events and anything interesting that I feel deserve to have a record for the record :p View all posts by MewsOfTheMuse

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