In Kota Kinabalu..

Long overdue post. Been meaning to write about my Sabah trip but got busy. Anyway, I was in Sabah at the end of October for a quick trip with my hubs. I’m just quickly going to list down the things you must get or do, when you’re down in Kota Kinabalu (apart from the usual tourist areas).

1) Visit Manukan Island- This island is so near (about 15min boat ride) and has one of the best beaches that you simply must go and cannot miss out. Water is so clear that I managed to take some underwater videos. Pics didn’t turn out so clear though so here are some gorgeous above water pics.



2) Eat seafood – go to the Philipino market or the handicrafts market. There are dozens of food stalls you can choose from. But walk towards the end at night and you will be blessed with rows of seafood stalls that will cook them to your chosen styles of dishes.


Where the fresh seafood comes in

3) Buy local snacks such as the kuih cincin. Looks unassuming but amazingly addictive.

4) If you’re a coffee lover than definitely buy tenom coffee. You can’t miss out on this local brew. I LOVE them. They come in many packagings, just check the ingredients to be sure it’s Tenom coffee. Here are some pics in case you’re looking for them:


The normal ones comes in this foil packet, color can be blue, silver or gold depending on type.


These are more targeted for gifts and souvenirs and cost slightly more.

5) Check out the handicrafts for some tribal art be it bags, mats or even shirts.



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