Game Of Thrones: The Boardgame

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to play the Game Of Thrones boardgame. So just to share the fun with everyone check out our line of contenders. Let the games begin!


Representing House Stark of Winterfell


Representing House Baratheon of Dragonstone


Representing House Martell of Sunspear


Representing House Tyrell of Highgarden


Representing House Lannnister of Casterly Rock


Representing House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands

Yes as you can see, the atmosphere was intense with each houses eyeing for the Iron Throne! Having said that, the boardgaame itself was very engaging. The game was a lot of fun once you get the hang of it and we spent a good half a day playing it. Highly recommend it to all you Game of Thrones fan and boardgame junkies.  Anyone else has played this game?


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2 responses to “Game Of Thrones: The Boardgame

  • patricksponaugle

    My office at work has played the game twice (over many, many lunchtimes) – both times House Baratheon won. I was House Greyjoy the first time, and House Stark the second time.

    It gave me a new appreciation for Balon Greyjoy’s decision-making process.

  • MewsOfTheMuse

    Great! Someone who has played it! I’m amazed you said Baratheon won twice because it looked very difficult to maneuver from my point of view. (I was Stark)

    Greyjoy was surprisingly harder to kill then I thought. Lol!

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