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Star Wars: Shakespeare

I went to the bookstore yesterday and saw this:


Tell me if that isn’t the most intriguing book cover you’ve ever seen. Especially when you’re a big fan of anything Star Wars related. And with The Force Awakens just around the corner I feel that this is a must read!

The last time I read anything in the Shakespearean tongue was back in high school during our literature class. My favorite was Much Ado About Nothing. The language was complicated but I was enraptured all the same.

So when I saw this, I thought I have to give a shot at reading it. Here’s a sneak peek for you readers of the kind of language you’re getting yourself into:


Plus, this book comes with complete Shakespearean-ish illustrations that makes it all the more interesting. Here’s a sample:


So what are you waiting for? Star Wars and Shakespeare don’t mix? Yay or nay, what say you?

Apart from that, if you want some light reading try and check out the Star Wars comic on Webtoon as well. Story is retold from Luke Skywalker point of view and the graphics are really superb. I guarantee you will be addicted. Check it out folks!


May the Force be with you…


Game Of Thrones: The Boardgame

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to play the Game Of Thrones boardgame. So just to share the fun with everyone check out our line of contenders. Let the games begin!


Representing House Stark of Winterfell


Representing House Baratheon of Dragonstone


Representing House Martell of Sunspear


Representing House Tyrell of Highgarden


Representing House Lannnister of Casterly Rock


Representing House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands

Yes as you can see, the atmosphere was intense with each houses eyeing for the Iron Throne! Having said that, the boardgaame itself was very engaging. The game was a lot of fun once you get the hang of it and we spent a good half a day playing it. Highly recommend it to all you Game of Thrones fan and boardgame junkies.  Anyone else has played this game?

Game of Thrones Fanart

They postponed one episode of the Game of Thrones tonight. So, me is feeling sort of GameofThrone-less. I realized I’ve never posted anything on the show or anything about the books as well. I’m a big fan (if that was not obvious enough). I’ve read the books and is currently glued to the series.

During the past years I’ve made a few fanart while reading and getting absorbed with the books. Think its about time I posted them here. 🙂


A Game of Thrones, A song of Ice and Fire


A Clash of Kings


A Dance with Dragons. Didnt do much here. This is more of a picture of the book cover.

Last one is not done by me. But I’m adding it because its one of my favorite charachters in GoT. Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper, Prince of Dorne. Photo courtesy of @aykutzafer on Instagram. You can check his profile. He does quite a few GoT charachters.


Oberyn Martell

Adding this picture. I guess since now almost everyone knows the fate of Oberyn. Gonna miss his persona on tv. This I edited myself on top of the previous pic.


RIP Oberyn Martell.

Done! Released some GoT itch for the night 😉

On Angels & Demons

Admittedly, I only recently read Dan Browns Angels & Demons (henceforth A&D). The book itself was published in 2000 and I remotely remembered my cousin telling me about 2 years back that I should read it. At the time I was reading Da Vinci’s Code (henceforth referred to as DVC). I was quite adamant about it, and only wanted to read DVC’s Special Illustrated Edition, that comes with the hardcover and all of the relevant work of arts neatly printed and arranged in the pages of the book for easy reference. Certainly beats googling every few pages that you turned.

But anyway, the point is, one of the reason I read A&D was because the movie was out. And it is a great personal boon for me that I should watch any movie based on a work of literature without actually reading the book first. And so here I am, feeling a bit more enriched, fresh after A&D… What took me so long?? Well, I’ve always known it would be one of the books that I’d read so what’s the hurry. Well the movie was the hurry apparently.

I liked it. It was a really good book with an unexpectedly sad twist in the end. But out of all the works of arts, more specificaly, Bernini’s work of art that piqued my curiosity and I though worth googling (because I do not have the special illustrated edition nor do I know if they did publish one), I was especially curious about the Ecstasy of St. Teresa.

I mean come on, a 3.5m marble sculpture of a nun, supposedly having a spiritually divine experience OR … an orgasm??? SCANDALOUS! I just had to look it up. How can one not?? And this gigantic structure, parked in a church? How could they get away with this? How could someone disguise a sculpture of a nun having an orgasm and still manage to display it in a church??? This is why I love history, still full of surprises after all these years. So I googled it and for the benefit of whoever will read my blog, here is The Ecstasy of St Teresa:

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa

Personally, I’d prefer if she had shown a bit more skin… but I guess that wouldn’t be Baroque-ish.