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OnePlus One Review


So I got myself a new OnePlus One phone. I’ve been using android for a long time now. Starting with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2. Prior to that I was an iphone user. I think it was an iphone 3G. No regrets switching from iphone to android, and never had any inclination to switch back whatsoever. When Samsung first came out, I remembered having serious doubts. Would it be better than an iphone? (what? I was an iphone user!). What is this android thing? But I switched and found that android is just the most sensible, easy to use, efficient OS there is and Samsung have never let me down, S3 and Note 2 are the most reliable phone in its time.

But after using the Note 2 for more than 2 years I’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade. I briefly considered Note 3 but was recommended the OnePlus One by “Mr.Man”. And after checking the specs, 64GB, 13MP camera, Cyanogen mod, supports 4G Ltd, well… HECK YEAH!!! So here is the basic overview of the phone. I am aware that apparently you need an invite to buy the international edition of the phone. But I got mine from a dealer and I have no complaints. It’s an android and it basically functions the same way. Install whatever you want, uninstall whatever you don’t and CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE!!! 🙂

I got the 64GB Black version. So far aesthetically it’s very pleasing. I am very pleased that it is lighter than the Samsung Note phones as well. It is slimmer and easy on your hands, but slightly more elongated to make up for screen space. I’m used to Note so screen size was a big factor for me. But because it’s more elongated, I prefer the OnePlus design much better. Admittedly my wrist feel slightly more rested XD And I love the black slightly rough texture of the back of the phone, giving it a more “ganas” feel.

Here’s a few pictures of the OnePlus One:





And after spending a whole day customising, this is what my home screen looks like:

OnePlus One customized:

Well there you have it. Feeling very awesome with my new toy. Would also like to take the opportunity to ask everyone to remember and pray for all the victims of #Gaza and #MH17. The plane crash really is a sad moment for all of us here in Malaysia, especially with Eid just around the corner.

Over and out.