Game Of Thrones: The Boardgame

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to play the Game Of Thrones boardgame. So just to share the fun with everyone check out our line of contenders. Let the games begin!


Representing House Stark of Winterfell


Representing House Baratheon of Dragonstone


Representing House Martell of Sunspear


Representing House Tyrell of Highgarden


Representing House Lannnister of Casterly Rock


Representing House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands

Yes as you can see, the atmosphere was intense with each houses eyeing for the Iron Throne! Having said that, the boardgaame itself was very engaging. The game was a lot of fun once you get the hang of it and we spent a good half a day playing it. Highly recommend it to all you Game of Thrones fan and boardgame junkies.  Anyone else has played this game?


In Kota Kinabalu..

Long overdue post. Been meaning to write about my Sabah trip but got busy. Anyway, I was in Sabah at the end of October for a quick trip with my hubs. I’m just quickly going to list down the things you must get or do, when you’re down in Kota Kinabalu (apart from the usual tourist areas).

1) Visit Manukan Island- This island is so near (about 15min boat ride) and has one of the best beaches that you simply must go and cannot miss out. Water is so clear that I managed to take some underwater videos. Pics didn’t turn out so clear though so here are some gorgeous above water pics.



2) Eat seafood – go to the Philipino market or the handicrafts market. There are dozens of food stalls you can choose from. But walk towards the end at night and you will be blessed with rows of seafood stalls that will cook them to your chosen styles of dishes.


Where the fresh seafood comes in

3) Buy local snacks such as the kuih cincin. Looks unassuming but amazingly addictive.

4) If you’re a coffee lover than definitely buy tenom coffee. You can’t miss out on this local brew. I LOVE them. They come in many packagings, just check the ingredients to be sure it’s Tenom coffee. Here are some pics in case you’re looking for them:


The normal ones comes in this foil packet, color can be blue, silver or gold depending on type.


These are more targeted for gifts and souvenirs and cost slightly more.

5) Check out the handicrafts for some tribal art be it bags, mats or even shirts.


Poem: The Dance

So once in a really rare moment, I would feel like writing  a poem. It doesn’t happen often but I thought I better keep it somewhere so I can track it down. Here is one I wrote last month. If you are reading, would love to hear some comments!



I dance and I twirl,

My skirts swirl,

Spinning round and round the room,


My heels ever to the beat,

One step, two step,

Sideways, the next step,


Until I collided,

With something unexpected,

A pair of black shining shoes,


I left and I right,

He right and he left,

All my moves predicted,


I took two step backwards,

But he too stepped forward,

And took me by my hand,


We took one step, two step,

We went sideways and the next step,

And we found our rhythm,


So now we both whirl,

My skirts all aswirl,

As we both spin round and round and round the room…


Written on the 19th of October 2015

Writing for Travel Leaders


I’ve been writing for yet another blog on travel related topics. It’s an Australian website called Travel Leaders Blog.

Click the link if you want to read my work. Or alternatively, you can copy paste the link below 🙂


My Article on Tap Trip

Updated on 24th Dec 2015

Unfortunately the media.tap-trip project has ended. They have shut down all their sites and the few articles that I did can no longer be found there. I am considering to post it on my blog though. Especially my best ones. Will link it here when I do.

Updated on 26th Dec 2015- Here’s the link of one of my articles. Unfortunately I coudn’t save my best ones:

Updated on Sep 19th

Here’s another one I did for Tap Trip! I’ve done about 4 so far but these are my best ones 🙂



Recently I did an article for the tap trip travel web magazine! I wrote a little piece on Johor. Check it out guys!

One day in Bangkok City

Recently we decided to go for a quick getaway in Bangkok. The last time I came to Bangkok I was maybe around 12 years old? I couldn’t remember much apart from a transvestite show the tour guide brought us. In hindsight I wonder why they thought it was a good idea to bring a group of Muslims with kids to a trans show. But I remembered it was a good performance.

Anyway, after x number of years that I shall not disclose, this would be my 2nd trip there. Just me and my husband 😄 We decided to go since it was his birthday weekend and spent two nights there. Three days, two nights, so effectively one whole day to spend minus travel time.

So, since I was there for roughly about a day, I thought I will write a proposal for you guys who just happen to be doing a quick trip as well for whatever reasons e.g: transit, dropping by etc. If you guys find yourself in bangkok (and it’s your first time visit) for roughly about a day, here are some of the things that you can do:

1) Head down to the main wats which are the Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha and Wat Arun.
You can reach there by taxi or take a boat at the Saphan Taksin pier. I would recommend the boat if possible. It will give you more of a local feel.
Note that there is a fee to go in the Grand Palace. About 5000THB.
Also, you have to get a boat to go to Wat Arun. It only costs 3 baht. Be careful the locals can take you for a ride and quote much higher.

Just these 3 wats can easily take you the whole morning. By the time you’re done, it’s lunchtime!


2) After spending the morning under the sun at the wats, next best thing to do (in my opinion) is go to the biggest mall in Bangkok, Siam Paragon. Trust me you’ll be glad of the air-conditioning. And Siam Paragon has all the food selection you can think off. I can’t think of anything that they don’t have actually. We had our lunch at Cafe Fish (seafood only), walked around and did some shopping, then continued with tea at Another Hound Cafe.
Also, Siam Paragon is connected to another mall called Siam Center. You can walk there as well.

After the mall, we took a break back to the hotel. Which then leaves the evening..

3) We stayed at Le Meridian in Bang Rak district. It is very near Patphong night market. You can have dinner at Oasis lounge for really delicious authentic Thai Food. Or you can walk over to a nearby mall at Chamchuri square, if you feel like Japanese or Western. Then you can make your way to Patphong. DO NOT BRING KIDS TO PATPHONG. Thats all I can say to that, as there will be hustlers begging you to watch the ping-pong show. We skipped, but the choice is yours.

After you’re done shopping I highly recommend you to drop by at Cloud47. It’s a really nice laid back place to chill. You can enjoy the live bands and most importantly, enjoy the spectacular night view of Bangkok from the 47th floor. You can’t miss the building. It’s the tallest building near Patphong market.

4) The other place you can go to, if you arrive on a weekend is the Chatuchak weekend market. But it only opens on the weekend so I had to skip this one as we left on a Saturday.

Enjoy your trip!

That’s all I have for my first round in Bangkok. I find the city itself is similar to KL, but where KL have mosques, Bangkok has temples. And of course with more rivers. A really lovely experience 🙂

OnePlus One Review


So I got myself a new OnePlus One phone. I’ve been using android for a long time now. Starting with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2. Prior to that I was an iphone user. I think it was an iphone 3G. No regrets switching from iphone to android, and never had any inclination to switch back whatsoever. When Samsung first came out, I remembered having serious doubts. Would it be better than an iphone? (what? I was an iphone user!). What is this android thing? But I switched and found that android is just the most sensible, easy to use, efficient OS there is and Samsung have never let me down, S3 and Note 2 are the most reliable phone in its time.

But after using the Note 2 for more than 2 years I’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade. I briefly considered Note 3 but was recommended the OnePlus One by “Mr.Man”. And after checking the specs, 64GB, 13MP camera, Cyanogen mod, supports 4G Ltd, well… HECK YEAH!!! So here is the basic overview of the phone. I am aware that apparently you need an invite to buy the international edition of the phone. But I got mine from a dealer and I have no complaints. It’s an android and it basically functions the same way. Install whatever you want, uninstall whatever you don’t and CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMIZE!!! 🙂

I got the 64GB Black version. So far aesthetically it’s very pleasing. I am very pleased that it is lighter than the Samsung Note phones as well. It is slimmer and easy on your hands, but slightly more elongated to make up for screen space. I’m used to Note so screen size was a big factor for me. But because it’s more elongated, I prefer the OnePlus design much better. Admittedly my wrist feel slightly more rested XD And I love the black slightly rough texture of the back of the phone, giving it a more “ganas” feel.

Here’s a few pictures of the OnePlus One:





And after spending a whole day customising, this is what my home screen looks like:

OnePlus One customized:

Well there you have it. Feeling very awesome with my new toy. Would also like to take the opportunity to ask everyone to remember and pray for all the victims of #Gaza and #MH17. The plane crash really is a sad moment for all of us here in Malaysia, especially with Eid just around the corner.

Over and out.