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3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

Famous Quotes

There are only 2 comics that I’m quite a big fan of. One is Asterix, the other is Calvin & Hobbes 😊. Used to spend a lot of time reading and re-reading the comics. I think my favorite was the Spaceman Spiff alter ego. Haha. And I just adored the relationship Calvin have with his stuffed tiger. Talk about surreal.

A little boy with a great imagination and a lot of big words. Here are some of his funny but memorable quotes:




I’m sure everyone could use a warm fuzzy Hobbes in their lives 😍

Thank you again to Paardje /
https://ofsnailmailbooksandvanities.wordpress.com for nominating me πŸ˜„

For this round I nominate https://pregoandtheloon.wordpress.com

Rules of this challenge:

1)Thank the person who invited you to join
2)Post 1 or 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days
3)Choose 3 other bloggers to share the love.

This is the last day of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Spreading some Calvin & Hobbes undeterrable positivism and cheer to my readers ☺️

This was really a fun challenge.