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Star Wars: Shakespeare

I went to the bookstore yesterday and saw this:


Tell me if that isn’t the most intriguing book cover you’ve ever seen. Especially when you’re a big fan of anything Star Wars related. And with The Force Awakens just around the corner I feel that this is a must read!

The last time I read anything in the Shakespearean tongue was back in high school during our literature class. My favorite was Much Ado About Nothing. The language was complicated but I was enraptured all the same.

So when I saw this, I thought I have to give a shot at reading it. Here’s a sneak peek for you readers of the kind of language you’re getting yourself into:


Plus, this book comes with complete Shakespearean-ish illustrations that makes it all the more interesting. Here’s a sample:


So what are you waiting for? Star Wars and Shakespeare don’t mix? Yay or nay, what say you?

Apart from that, if you want some light reading try and check out the Star Wars comic on Webtoon as well. Story is retold from Luke Skywalker point of view and the graphics are really superb. I guarantee you will be addicted. Check it out folks!


May the Force be with you…